Qlik GeoAnalytics 4 for QlikView

Qlik GeoAnalytics 4 for Qlikview


Qlik GeoAnalytics offers an extension for QlikView and Qlik Sense to place the business data on the map with a performance that matches QlikView: simple setup, easy configuration and rapid rendering.

The extension enables you to to zoom, pan, highlight and make selections in a seamless and fluid manner without pre-defined steps. The map and the data objects are rendered in the web client, making it possible to handle multiple objects simultaneously and pinpoint vital conclusions.

Under The Hood

The extension is connected to our web-based map engine RaveGeo WebMap. Maps are streamed from our server. Two dimensions with longitude and latitude coordinates (WGS84) are required. Objects can be shown as bubble, pie or bar diagrams or an arbitrary url image. The size and color are controlled via dimensions, normalized based on max and min in the selection. Selected areas can be visulized at the map as enlighted regions or heat maps.

Web Map has a javascript interface with a dual implementation: if java is present on the client, maps are rendered on the client, otherwise the maps are shown as server side rendered images.

Features And Benefits

  • Vector based map engine
    • Seamless, smooth zoom and pan.
    • Always sharp, crisp maps in any scale, not just predefined levels.
    • With HTML5 and java
  • Local hosting possible, clients with demands can host the map server
    • Client control over IT environment
    • Better security nothing leaves the company intranet
  • Map data options
    • OpenStreetMap, TomTom, Here, Lantmäteriet or any custom map data
    • Support for OGC WMS bakground map
    • Support for tiled background layers, TMS, WMTS
  • Map projection options
    • WGS84, EPSG 4326 (default)
    • Web TM, EPSG 3857
    • SWEREF99 TM EPSG 3006
    • SWEREF99 18 00 EPSG 3011
    • SWEREF99 16 30 EPSG 3010
    • Others also possible
  • Animation control of any dimension
  • Drill-down symbols and regions
  • Dynamic symbols
    • Bubble, Pie, Bar charts or any custom image
    • Size, color, label, popup text, all expression controlled
    • Automatic re-arranging when overlapping
  • Heatmaps
    • Multi color gradients
    • Normalized for high contrast
    • Client side rendered for speed
  • Line and flow rendering
    • Multi-lines with direction arrows
    • Size and color by expression
    • Great circle arcs
  • Selection tools
    • Click to select
    • Radius select
    • Isoline select, based on driving distance or time (add-on)
    • Polygon select, arbitrary points
    • Rectangle select
  • Region coloring
    • Drill down
    • Cloropleth maps
    • Regions included:
      • World country borders
      • US zip code areas 3-digit and 5 digit
      • US states, US counties
      • UK zip code areas
      • Danish kommuner, zip code areas
      • Dutch administrative areas
      • French administrative areas
      • German bundesländer, kreise and zip code areas
      • Italian regions and municipalities
      • Japanese Ken and Sikuchoson
      • Mexican states and municipalities
      • Norwegian fylken, kommuner
      • Russian districts
      • Swedish län, kommuner, zip code areas
    • User defined areas possible, open format
  • Geocoding (add-on)
    • Address to coordinate, as web service in load script
    • Batch conversion of large registers
  • Routing (add-on)
    • A to B through via points routing as web service in load script
    • Drive distance and drive time from center to zip code areas
    • Drivetime to zip areas analysis
  • Route optimization
    • Bird distance
    • Road distance and directions (add-on)
  • Advanced settings for customization of default map appearance


More information

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