Qlik GeoAnalytics 5 for QlikView

Qlik GeoAnalytics for QlikView

Looking for previous generation, IdevioMaps for QlikView, see here


Qlik GeoAnalytics for QlikView is based on the architecture that is used for Qlik GeoAnalytics for Qlik Sense and is a complete redesign compared to the existing Qlik GeoAnalytics for QlikView. If you have used GeoAnalytics for QlikSense you will be familiar with this version since it shares all the properties and features with that version, see here.

Qlik GeoAnalytics supports mapping without coordinates. Use the name of a country, state, city, postal area etc and GeoAnalytics will automatically connect it to a point or an area.

Select from many types of visualizations based on different layer types, such as bubbles, lines, areas, pie charts, bar charts, heatmaps etc. Control the visualization with measures and expressions. Fine tune with detailed settings. Add labels and tool tips.

Drill down in geographic areas and use different visualizations in the drill down levels. For instance start with countries colored by dimension. Next level could contain regions colored by an aggregated value and the final level are bubbles for each customer.

Display thousands of objects with high performance.

Select from a set of predefined background maps, satellite imagery or use an external tile service or vector data file. It is also possible to run GeoAnalytics for QlikView in your coordinate system of choice.

GeoAnalytics connector is included!

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