Idevio GeoAnalytics Plus and new IdevioMaps for Sense 3.0

Idevio GeoAnalytics Plus features unlimited calculations and access to local data


Idevio presents a new version of GeoAnalytics called GeoAnalytics Plus. The Plus version makes it possible to access local databases and files and also do unlimited calculations.

See this comparison of the GeoAnalytics versions for more information. Also see GeoAnalytics on for general information on GeoAnalytics.

IdevioMaps 5.5.3

Idevio also releases an update of IdevioMaps for Qlik with a few improvements and also a few fixes for Qlik Sense 3.0. Some highlights of the new version:

  • It is now possible to set limits on how long it should be possible to zoom in and out of IdevioMaps. This also means that it is possible to zoom in longer than before.
  • For Qlik Sense 3.0 the looks of some buttons have been adjusted and there also is a bugfix in the Geodata Layer. For you that use the Geodata Layer we strongly recommend updating to IdevioMaps 5.5.3 when updating to Qlik Sense 3.0.

More information on the new versions of IdevioMaps  is available at and


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