Tired of a huge Greenland? IdevioMaps has the solution

Are northern Canada and Greenland taking up too much of the space on your map? IdevioMaps now includes maps with a new projection that dynamically adjusts to the viewed area.


Left is the Mercator projection used in most web maps. Right is the Idevio Adaptive projection. The upper left corner and scale is the same.

The projection used in most web maps is Mercator. The big downside of Mercator is that areas close to the poles are extremely exaggerated.  The Idevio Adaptive projection adjusts to the viewed area. When zoomed out it looks like the right picture above and when zooming in it adapts to the aspect ratio at the location. This is possible due to Idevio’s unique vector data technology. Read more about projections in this blog.

The Idevio Adaptive projection is now available in IdevioMaps in the base maps Default Adaptive and Plain Adaptive. Just choose the Base Map in Map Settings as in the screenshot below.


Choose the base map Default Adaptive or Plain Adaptive under Map Settings in Idevio Map.

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