Qlik WebMap5


Integrate powerful and quick HTML5 maps into your web application

Qlik WebMap5 is a 100% Javascript map engine for HTML5. A map engine for all devices, phones, tablets and computers. WebMap5 is built as a web component and can easily be integrated by pasting an HTML snippet into the web page.

WebMap5 features a large variety of control possibilities and overlay of symbols. The dynamic rendering giving you control of the look and feel of the map, plus how your users interact with the map.

Main features of Qlik WebMap5

  • Efficient vector streaming and rendering (RaveGeo technology)
  • Support for tiled raster
  • Easy to get started, easy to use Javascript API
  • Flexible styling of your map data
  • Load application data from a URL or via the API
  • Detailed preconfigured base maps (currently based on OpenStreetmap)
  • Optionally use tiled raster backdrops from external sources
  • Rapid map browsing with seamless zoom/pan
  • Custom layers with your own symbols and objects
  • Hosting by Qlik GeoAnalytics or at your premises
  • Map data from different provider (e.g. NVDB, Here, TomTom, National Land Survey, OSM)
  • Easy licensing handling
  • Address look-up and route calculation (if connected to a Qlik Server)


  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Firefox 6
  • Safari 5.0.5
  • Chrome 11

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For address look-up and routing: Qlik GeoAnalytics Server