GeoAnalytics Plus Installation

This page contains information that is specific for the installation of GeoAnalytics Plus for QlikView and QlikSense.
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What is GeoAnalytics Plus?

GeoAnalytics Plus is a distribution of Qlik GeoAnalytics that is possible to install locally on your server/client.

This has several advantages:

  • GeoAnalyics Plus can connect to your local Databases.
  • GeoAnalycis Plus can use data files stored on your local systems.
  • Qlik GeoAnalytics standard has a timeout of 5 min. GeoAnalytics Plus has a potential no timeout.
  • Qlik GeoAnalytics standard has a limit on the size of datasets you can use. GeoAnalytics Plus has no limits for local processing.


  • An installed version of QlikView or Qlik Sense. GeoAnalytics Plus will work both with desktop and server versions.
  • An installed GeoAnalytics connector, at least version 1.3.0. To verify this open the connector in Qlik Sense or Qlik View. The version should be visible in the top left of the connect dialog.  To update your GeoAnalytics connector install appropriate version of Qlik GeoAnalytics.
  • Java 1.7 or higher installed.


  1. Download GeoAnalytics Plus
  2. Run the installation program for GeoAnalytics Plus. If you are not running a local Qlik GeoAnalytics server you can leave the default values as they are. GeoAnalytics Plus communicates by default on port 42024 but that can be changed during installation if that port is occupied.
  3. Start your Qlik application. You should now be able to select “Connect to GeoAnalytics Plus” from the GeoAnalytics connector dialog. Select this to connect to your local GeoAnalytics Plus instead of the Qlik GeoAnalytics Server.

Connecting to your local Database

With GeoAnalytics Plus it is you will have a new Dataset type called “Connect to Database” that let you connect GeoAnalytics to a local  database and fetch data from it to analyse in GeoAnalytics. To be able to do that you must add a database driver for your database to GeoAnalytics plus. To find a database driver for your database see here.

  1. Take the jar for the database and put it in the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Qlik\Custom Data\QvIdevioConnector\lib
  2. Make sure that current GeoAnalytics processes has stopped by waiting at least 10 minutes since your last GeoAnalytics Query.
  3. It is now possible to connect to your database.
  4. More information about how to connect to database via GeoAnalytics here.